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One can never go wrong with white pants, it dresses up any outfit! This top from Forever 21 and Wedges from Marshalls go perfectly with these crisp white pants. Another great look for dinner with friends or family.

Top// Forever 21

Jeans// Alloy Clothing

Wedges// Marshalls

Bracelet// Forever 21


Dreaming of a White Summer

Dreaming of a White Summer

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Summer is the time to live in your bathing suits and coverup, and I am totally feeling this cute white coverup! Don’t forget to check out your local Marshalls and TJ Maxx they have a crazy amount of cute coverups in store now! And some of the coverups looks almost identical to this one.

P.s. Can you tell I’m lazy with my hair and makeup? Teheheh, I like to use summer as an excuse to not worry about hair and makeup!

Dress// Victorias Secret (Shop here)

Sandals// Marshalls (Shop here)

Sunglasses// Marshalls

Necklace// Forever 21


Cinco De Sparkle

Cinco De Sparkle

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Another holiday, another excuse to wear sequin clothes! Absolutely love these sequin shorts from H&M and had a blast wearing them on Cinco De Mayo! 🙂

Top// Express

Shorts// H&M (Shop similar here)

Heels// Forever 21


Little White Dress

Little White Dress

Everyone needs a little white dress just as much as then need a little black dress. 


Dress// Express Clothing

Shoes// TJ Maxx (Michael Kors)

Purse// H&M


Styling a Room

I used to always have a passion for designing and architechture when I was younger. So I decided to use some pieces from Modani  to create a room reflecting my sense of style!

For this challenge I designed a living room/sitting room. I am more of a neutral colored person, hence all the neutral colors I used.

I love using white for a room because it always adds a more classy feel to the whole area. That being said this room gives off a contemporary/classy vibe, and I am totally loving it. You can check out any of Modani’s sofas if you’re looking for a classy centerpiece!

I threw in a splash of colors through the pillows. I find that sticking to neutrals allows you to easily change the theme of your room through different colored pillows.

In the fall, one could throw some orange, red and Thanksgiving themed pillows on the couch, and the whole vibe of the room would change. Same for around Christmas time, some red pillows and even a red throw would decorate the room perfectly for the holiday. As a neutral color, I used green pillows. The green gives it a more earthy and clean feel.

I hope you all enjoyed this little room inspiration as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Have a marvelous day!

Summer Maxi Dress

Summer Maxi Dress

I am loving the detail on this gorgeous pink strapless Maxi dress.

The exposed back is by far my favorite part of this dress, and it allows for a nice breeze on these hot Florida summer days.


Dress is from Boca Leche. Click here to check them out!


Fun Tip Friday: How to Remove Deodorant Streaks From Your Clothing

Fun Tip Friday: How to Remove Deodorant Streaks From Your Clothing




I know we have all had this problem at one time. You’re getting ready to go shopping or to dinner and when you’re about to walk out the door you realize you left a trail of white deodorant streaks all along your pretty new shirt.

Well this little trick can help you minimize those deodorant stains and take very little time.

All you need is a pair of bathing suit bottoms.

I hope you enjoy this Fun Tip Friday!!



Take you bathing suit bottoms and turn them inside out.

Then rub the inner lining of the bathing suit on your deodorant marks and voila it’s gone!


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