Styling a Room

I used to always have a passion for designing and architechture when I was younger. So I decided to use some pieces from Modani  to create a room reflecting my sense of style!

For this challenge I designed a living room/sitting room. I am more of a neutral colored person, hence all the neutral colors I used.

I love using white for a room because it always adds a more classy feel to the whole area. That being said this room gives off a contemporary/classy vibe, and I am totally loving it. You can check out any of Modani’s sofas if you’re looking for a classy centerpiece!

I threw in a splash of colors through the pillows. I find that sticking to neutrals allows you to easily change the theme of your room through different colored pillows.

In the fall, one could throw some orange, red and Thanksgiving themed pillows on the couch, and the whole vibe of the room would change. Same for around Christmas time, some red pillows and even a red throw would decorate the room perfectly for the holiday. As a neutral color, I used green pillows. The green gives it a more earthy and clean feel.

I hope you all enjoyed this little room inspiration as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Have a marvelous day!

Instagram Diary

Instagram Diary

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new room — getting nibbled on by minnows — new decoration for new room

caught a 40lb. Alaska king salmon — live baby starfish stuck to my ear — beach volleyball tournamnet

won beach volleyball tournament with my partner Danielle — baby starfish — a night out with Steph


This idea was inspired by Zoella


Something New & Something Blue

Something New & Something Blue

I will be moving back to school next week so today my mother and I went to Hobby Lobby, Home Goods and a few other shops to pick up some cute room decorations.

It seems like every year I always follow a new theme. Last year was pink and glittery. But I have moved onto the more beachy colors!

Ring and Jewelry Tray




Stripes are always pretty! This is my favorite flower/vase combination.


I will be posting pictures of my new place next week after I move in. So check back then!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Back to School Room Decorations

Back to School Room Decorations

It is about that time again when we gather our stuff and head back to school, or maybe this is our first time leaving home for college. Either way, it’s always fun to redecorate or add a few new pieces to your room.

I used to be in LOVE with pink and the past two years while at college my room was veryyyy pink! haha

I have grown out of the pink, though it is still one of my favorite colors. But I have strayed towards the more beachy colors such as turquoise, tan and even purples!

So this time around I got quite a few new things for our room. And I would love to share a couple of my favorite new decorations!


Elephants are my favorite animal, and this little box will be perfect for storing little odd and ends.

The tray will also be a good way to stay organized, It would be good for storing papers, or lotions and perfumes.


Turquoise tray

Elephant Storage Box

My favorite item has still yet to arrive, but I am so looking forward to this gorgeous tapestry.

All of these items are from They have a ton of awesome decorations for your home or house!