Livin’ the MAD Life

Exciting news everyone! My mom and I have decided to start our own purse and bag company. But there’s a twist! We wanted to bring our personal values into the brand, Livin’ the MAD Life, and have decided to keep it all vegan, cruelty free, sustainable and focused on empowering designs.

For those of you who do not know, my mother is a world renowned artist, who has sold hundreds of thousands of art pieces and has collectors from around the world. Her art has been featured in popular media streams such as the “O” Oprah Magazine, was the cover image for the Interior Design Magazine, and the featured artist and cover for the Spectrum Art Basel in 2015. She also has her art sold in various retail stores across the country such as, Urban Outfitters, Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. Not only that, but she also has art in major hotels, TV shows, celebrity homes and restaurants around the country.

Okay, so enough bragging about how awesome of an artist my mom is.. But that’s what makes the brand even better! My mother will design each bag and we even have original, hand painted purses!

Pretty cool, huh? Well it’s even cooler, because all of our hand painted bags are on thrifted, upcyled bags! Not sure if you knew this or not, but the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, only behind the oil industry. Purchasing second hand and thrifted fashion items is a great way to keep sustainable and help reduce the fashion industries, and your, carbon footprint. We have thrifted bags from brands such as Chloe, Steve Madden, Samsonite and more! Some of the pieces date back to the 1950’s, making them a vintage masterpiece!

Although our other collections are not on thrifted bags, they will be designed with the colorful workings of my mom, which makes them a collectors piece and not fast fashion.

What’s even more, is we will never sell a bag that is not vegan or cruelty free. The majority of our bags will be made from PU faux leather.

There’s so much more to learn about our products and how they embody empowerment and what a MAD symbol stands for. To read more and check out all of our products visit and keep in touch via social media @LivinTheMADLife.

Here are a few of our bags that you can purchase! Side note| I will also be modeling for the brand, so stay tuned for our other fun and exciting campaigns, that are already in the works!

Thanks for your support guys! Can’t wait to see where this takes us next!





Now I feel there might be one question you all have… what does MAD stand for?

It’s simple, its our initials! Megan Aroon Duncanson

Farmers Market (Ootd)

Farmers Market (Ootd)

Its always nice to support the locals by stopping at your farmers market. And nothing is better than fresh foods! 

This week I checked out the farmers market near my parents house for the first time and picked up some veggies to make a delicious soup! (Which will be up on the blog this week) 

Dress// Boca Leche (shop similar here)

Rings// Rocksbox (free month with code: aroonxoxo) 

Starfish Accessories

Starfish Accessories

Who knew these cute little guys could be used as accessories!

If you have ever seen the kids movie “Aquamarine” then you will know where I got this idea from.

Baby starfish earring
Baby starfish earring

You know they are stuck to you when you feel the little tingle of their suction cups! hahaha

Just having a little fun
Just having a little fun


PS. They were not harmed when taking these pictures and I let them go right away

Alaskan Cabin in the Woods

Alaskan Cabin in the Woods

Today, July 17th marks the day of our arrival to my birthplace, Alaska! After a grueling six and a half hour flight from Orlando to Seattle and an overnight stay with our very large cat, followed by another short one and a half flight from Seattle to Ketchikan Alaska, and finishing off with a 45 minute boat ride, we finally made it to our home. Meyers Chuck is a very small community with no gas stations, no roads, no cars, no stores, nothing. All that you will find in Meyers Chuck are the wonderful people that reside here, most of them only during the summer months.

I thought I would share with you our little cabin in the woods.

The view
The view and a little guitar playing
Steps down to the water. The tide is currently on it's way in. Twice a day this area is completely dry.
Steps down to the water. The tide is currently on it’s way in. Twice a day this area is completely dry.
Our little seating place for some nighttime s'mores. Yummmm
Our little seating place for some nighttime s’mores. Yummmm
The staple shoe for every Alaskan, XTRATUF
The staple shoe for every Alaskan, XTRATUFs
One of the ways to travel around Meyers Chuck are the trails built throughout the community.
One of the ways to travel around Meyers Chuck are the trails built throughout the community.
Our 25 lb. kitty is roosted up, checking for mice
Our 25 lb. kitty is roosted up, checking for mice
alaska cabin
Everything seems so much greener up here!


You always gotta have your fresh fruits!
You always gotta have you fresh fruits!
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Fortunate enough to have this beautiful view.


And keep checking back for more updates on what’s going on in Alaska for the next two weeks.