Lila Nikole Swim Show 2018

Once again I've had the pleasure of walking for the amazing Lila Nikole. She released her new 2018 designs at no better place than Swim Week Miami.
And she had even expanded to men's wear and mommy & me suits!

Of course I had to share some memorable images from the show.

Till next year!


Instagram// @aroonmelane & @lilanikole

Alaskan Adventure: Day 4// Cliff Jumping, Exploring, Starfish

Enjoy todays Alaskan Adventure vlog! And stay tuned for my next vlog which gives you a fun tour of Myers Chuck!


Alaskan Adventure: Day 2// Fishing, Wildlife and More Fishing

Here is day 2 of my Alaska trip!

A day filled with lots of fishing! And of course us acting like weirdos. ­čśŤ

Stayed tuned for Sundays Day 4 video where we explore an island filled with sea creatures and do some good ole’ Alaska cliff jumping!

Filmed on gopro and Iphone 6.


5 Tips For Your Perfect Bed

Trouble sleeping? Or just want to make your room a more cozy space? Check out these 5 great tips to making the perfect bed!

Tip 1: Smell. Aromatherapy┬ácan play a big role in relaxing the body when it comes time to bed. Lavender is one of the best scents to use at night to relax. Try an oil diffuser┬ámixed with a lavender essential oil. Start your diffuser when you’re ready to hit the sack, and let the sweet scent drift you to sleep. (Studies show that lavender has helped many people with insomnia fall asleep easier) [Huffpost]

Tip 2: Bedding.┬áSynthetic materials tend to trap heat in easier which can lead to more troubled sleeping. It is best to use egyptian cotton or pima cotton for bed sheets. Get these in a sateen type finish and you’ll be off to bed in no time. []

Tip 3: Laundry. Everyone knows there is nothing better than jumping in a bed with fresh clean linens. It is suggested that you clean your bedding every 7 to 10 days.

Tip 4: Color. The color of your room and bedding can also help you either stay awake or fall asleep better. The best colors to help one sleep are colors such as; blue, purple, grey, silver, neutrals or cool colors to lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate, which in turn relax the body. Try to stay away from bright colors like, reds or orange, if you are obsessed with these colors you can easily add them into a couple throw pillows for your bed.


Tip 5: Weight. Something a lot of us may not know is that comforters actually have different weights. It is suggested that a person uses a blanket with the weight of 10% plus one pound of a persons body weight. This means if you are 100 pounds you would get a 11 pound blanket. The pressure of the weight on a persons body, “…stimulates the release of calming hormones and neurotransmitters all night long” (


I hope you all enjoyed this post! I am going to be adding some more fun content like this to the blog, let me know if there is anything you are dying to learn about, or any suggestions for more posts similar to this.



Talkin’ Monkeys Project

A part of graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University is volunteering for 100hours at a non profit organization. As a transfer student I am only required 40, but today I found the place I will be acquiring all 40 hours, plus some!
There is this amazing project called The Talkin’ Monkeys, and they are literally doing such a awesome things for these animals.

A few of the primates here were saved from horrible, abusive homes, and now live in an amazing sanctuary where they are well looked after 24/7.

Today was only orientation so we did not do too much interactive activities, but I am looking forward to spending many hours here.


Where’s the monkey?


Thumb sucking




I will be posting more about my time at Talkin’ Monkeys, and I will show you guys the bond I create with these amazing, intelligent animals.



21 Things About Me for My 21st Birthday


This past weekend, the 14th of September, I celebrated my 21st birthday, which is why I have been MIA. (Sorry about that)

I went back home which was a three and a half hour drive, and just returned to school, so I will start getting back on track this week! I decided to do something fun for this post since it was my 21st, I thought I would do 21 fun facts about me!

  1. I used to paint my nails everyday in high school to match my outfit for the day
  2. I have never left the country
  3. I have lived in 12 different places, but only two states (Florida and Alaska)
  4. I played college volleyball for two years
  5. I am obsessed with Australian Shepard’s and can not wait to have one
  6. I do not have a favorite sports team, or really watch sports in general
  7. I can not stand doughnuts, I can only eat one jelly filled doughnut and that’s it!
  8. My favorite color has changed a lot but right now it is blue
  9. I am 6ft tall
  10. I love the water, oceans, lakes, springs
  11. I have a big heart for animals, any kind
  12. I can not stand it when the kitchen is dirty
  13. My favorite food is white chocolate
  14. Favorite snack is pretzels or green grapes
  15. I do not like anything spicy
  16. I like to sleep when the room is freezing cold
  17. I love to hike, If Florida had mountains it would be perfect
  18. I really want a percheron horse
  19. I do not wear a lot of makeup and did not start until my Junior year of high school
  20. I have only ever been in one serious relationship my whole life and am still in it
  21. I love vampires, the real vampires not the Cullens. I loveeee the Underworld Series, Van Helsing, etc.


Thanks for stopping by!


Custom Designed Longboard Surfboard

If you follow me on Facebook then you would have seen my new custom painted longboard surfboard!

My father has been surfing for a very long time and I have tried it once or twice before but this summer I really wanted to get into it and it was soooo fun!

After several times of surfing, my father thought it would be best for me to get my own board shaped to best suit myself. Therefore, Peli surfboard out of Cocoa Beach, Fl shaped and did the blue base coat for my board.

The octopus was an idea of mine that came from lots of research on surfboard designs. There was one image of a giant octopus spread out over the entire board, and I loved it!

So I asked my mother, of MADart, to design this amazing octopus. And the final piece is absolutely amazing!

My mother in progress

My mother in progress

IMG_0613 IMG_0615
The first time using my new board!

The first time using my new board!


I will try to get some photos of me actually surfing on this board! I have only been able to take this particular board out once, but the board is amazing! Peli did a great job and the artwork is stunning!

My mother used acrylics to paint the octopus, and then the surfboard makers applied several top coats to set everything in.

Check out PELI surfboards here

Check out my mom, Megan Aroon Duncanson’s art here