Green Cup Cafe

Green Cup Cafe

Today, while tromping through downtown Fort Myers, with Fox 4’s Tara Molina, we stopped at this super adorable cafe. Green Cup Cafe is an all vegan and organic cafe with fresh juice, bubble tea, salads, sandwiches, cupcakes, everything you could want from a cafe! It was too cute not to document. 😛

Tara and I both had some delicious raw vegan blueberry cupcakes that were delicious and filling! As well as some milk bubble tea and fresh juice.

Definitely a place I recommend to anyone in the downtown fort Myers area! 





Top//Francesca’s Boutique

Skirt// Forever 21

Have a sweet sweet day


Georgetown Cupcakes

Georgetown Cupcakes

For our last full day in DC we made a goal to get some Georgetown Cupcakes. Famously known from TLCs “DC Cupcakes.”
Georgetown was such a cute little town!
You can see the line around the side of Georgetown Cupcakes. According to their website, their line always goes around the block.
We timed how long it took to get through the line and it was 30minutes!
But the cupcakes were yummy 😀IMG_3958.JPG
Red Velvet•Blueberry Cheesecake•Salted Caramel•Strawberry

Salted Caramel•Red Velvet•Strawberry•Peanut Butter Chocolate

Coconut•Double Chocolate•Red Velvet•Carrot Cake