Cannabis For Your Face?!

Nowadays everything seems to be CBD! And would have ever guessed cannabis would have such amazing health benefits for your skin also! I first heard about a cannabis facial from the lovely ladies at Clean Start in Miami where I came across Lex, the esthetician, who had been showing her amazing before and after photos from the CBD facial. My skin is mostly hormonal, meaning every few weeks I’ll tend to get a bit of a breakout, which will then go away once my hormones are back to normal. It just so happened I was going through this phase when I went in to see Lex, who gave me this CBD facial and let’s just say, I was glowing!


The whole experience was luxurious, relaxing and I felt like my skin was getting so many amazing benefits from the different treatments Lex did. Lex used a fresh batch of natural, vegan and organic products during my facial which had a combined 2,000mg of CBD. CBD is used in skincare to help rebalance your skin and has been known to help those with rosacea, eczema and hormonal acne. During my facial, I had everything from extractions, exfoliating mask, moisturizing mask, light therapy, and a facial massage. And once the facial was over I felt in such a state of relaxation and I could tell my skin was glowing from the inside out.


moisturizing rose face mask
Red, blue and yellow light therapy


E4BA5D87-F5F5-4D8F-9D63-83FB6B98652BOverall I would say my experience from when I first walked in, to the moment I left was perfect. I felt like I was getting every possible benefit from my facial and not to mention my skin looks and feels better than ever!


Check out Lex here!

Sidenote: the CBD does not affect your physical or mental state in any way whatsoever.


2 thoughts on “Cannabis For Your Face?!

  1. G’day from New Zealand daughter of the best artist on the planet and niece of wonderful Tara of AK.

    We did meet briefly years ago on FB. I was going to sail my boat from the South Pacific to Miami and steal you away from uni stopping only to uplift your mum on our way past as we needed a ships cook 😉

    Cannabis. Timely as my country NZ is in the midst of deciding whether to legalise this apparently miraculous herb or not.

    Do you think a cannabis facial could make me young and handsome again… ☺
    Iron out a hard lifetime of weatherbeaten ingrained wrinkles?
    If your Cannabis Facial could do this it’d be truly miraculous. A modern day miracle. A Miami fountain of youth ☺

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  2. Hi Daryl,

    Thanks for your support to myself and my family! To answer your question, yes I think facials and good skincare are always a good idea to keep your skin youthful and glowy! hahah


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