Homemade Sugar Scrub

It’s getting around that time of year, when the air gets colder and dryer. This means time to add exfoliation into our beauty regime if it is not already! Exfoliating is very good for your skin, and not just your face but your whole body!

Check out this super quick and easy DIY body scrub, perfect for fall!

You need sugar and oil! The sugar and oil can changed depending on your personal preference. When choosing a sugar to use, keep in mind the grain size. Smaller grains will not feel as rough on the skin, so light brown sugar would be best for sensitive skin.


For my scrub I used Brown Sugar and Olive Oil.

2 Cups Brown Sugar

1 Cup Olive Oil

You can make how ever much of the scrub you want, just use two parts sugar and one part oil.

Enjoy and have a happy fall!




  1. almostfashionable

    my lips are getting so dry, I am definitely going to try this out! thanks


  2. vikiimrie

    Such a good idea! Definitely going to try this.xx


  3. esse636

    This looks so good.


  4. fashnfwd86

    Been thinking about trying this!!


    • Aroon Melane

      You should! It’s great to use in the shower before you shave, it makes your legs silky soft!


      • fashnfwd86

        Great! I will for sure try it this weekend, thank you.


      • Aroon Melane

        Yay! Glad I could help


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