21 Things About Me for My 21st Birthday


This past weekend, the 14th of September, I celebrated my 21st birthday, which is why I have been MIA. (Sorry about that)

I went back home which was a three and a half hour drive, and just returned to school, so I will start getting back on track this week! I decided to do something fun for this post since it was my 21st, I thought I would do 21 fun facts about me!

  1. I used to paint my nails everyday in high school to match my outfit for the day
  2. I have never left the country
  3. I have lived in 12 different places, but only two states (Florida and Alaska)
  4. I played college volleyball for two years
  5. I am obsessed with Australian Shepard’s and can not wait to have one
  6. I do not have a favorite sports team, or really watch sports in general
  7. I can not stand doughnuts, I can only eat one jelly filled doughnut and that’s it!
  8. My favorite color has changed a lot but right now it is blue
  9. I am 6ft tall
  10. I love the water, oceans, lakes, springs
  11. I have a big heart for animals, any kind
  12. I can not stand it when the kitchen is dirty
  13. My favorite food is white chocolate
  14. Favorite snack is pretzels or green grapes
  15. I do not like anything spicy
  16. I like to sleep when the room is freezing cold
  17. I love to hike, If Florida had mountains it would be perfect
  18. I really want a percheron horse
  19. I do not wear a lot of makeup and did not start until my Junior year of high school
  20. I have only ever been in one serious relationship my whole life and am still in it
  21. I love vampires, the real vampires not the Cullens. I loveeee the Underworld Series, Van Helsing, etc.


Thanks for stopping by!


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