A Hearty Breakfast for the Unskilled Chef

As a full time college student I am short on time, so cooking full out meals is not really an option for most days. This year was the first year I found myself having a full kitchen while at school so I have had to learn to fend for myself and go grocery shopping. It is great being able to make your own foods, but somedays you just do not have the time and patience, or even skill, to make a home cooked meal.

My breakfasts are usually quick and easy, and I try to get in a nice hearty meal for breakfast to fuel me for my long day.

A recent new favorite breakfast of mine involves NO COOKING at all, which is great and quick! If you happen to just be an atrocious cooker and even burn your toast, than the toasted bagel may not be an option for you. ;P


Boiled Egg

Toasted Thin Bagel with Cream Cheese







  1. jaclynnnc

    This is my kind of breakfast, I am not a chef by any means. One of my recent favourite things to have is rye toast with cream cheese and sliced tomato on it, so good!

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    • Aroon Melane

      Oooo that sounds really good! I am always down for an easy meal that can not be messed up. I may have to give that a try! 😀

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  2. tiredoftokyo

    I honestly couldn’t live without bagels! great breakfast!


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