Fun Tip Friday: How to Get Soft Plump Lips

No one enjoys having cracked, dry lips so I’ll share with you my secret on how I keep my lips moisturized and plump!



I keep the largest sized tub of vaseline by my bedside and apply a large amount every night before bed.

It may seem kind of gross to apply so much vaseline to your lips, but as the night wears on the vaseline soaks in and you want to make sure that when you wake up there is still a light layer of vaseline on your lips. So be very generous with how much vaseline you use, it’s hard to use too much!

Then in the morning you can either take a toothbrush or just a rag and scrub or wipe your lips. I usually just use a towel/rag and scrub the excess vaseline off. And afterwards you should see a big difference!

Don’t forget to apply a chapstick or a small amount of vaseline on after you have scrubbed it all off.

If your lips are very dry it make take a couple days before they are looking and feeling fresh again.


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9 thoughts on “Fun Tip Friday: How to Get Soft Plump Lips

    1. Burrs bees is good as well! Wow thank you so much!!! That means a lot! I have previously been nominated for the liebster award and posted about it. But I may redo it in the future and if I do I will mention you for sure! Thank you!!


  1. I love this, I do it myself! I have a lip allergy – allergic contact dermatitis to chili peppers, yet I refuse to give up the spice. So I just manage it by keeping my lips slathered in vaseline to ward off any excess contact from spicy foods. But every morning, I love the feeling of lightly scrubbing my lips with my toothbrush and having the feeling of new lips! Thanks for sharing!


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