The Many Wonders of Mick the Cat

We found our cat 10 years ago abandoned by his mother along side his little sister who we put up for adoption. My family and I raised him from a bottle into the large 27 pound cat he is today. We are not 100% sure of his breed, since we never found his parents, but we assume he is mixed mainecoon, that’s the only reason we could think he would be so huge.


He is such a smart cat! He sits and lays on command, he comes and stays and he is the biggest sweetheart.

Playing with his catnip mouse
Playing with his catnip mouse

Some cats have the habit of hiding under furniture and running away when visitors come, but he is the complete opposite.

This is his favorite way to lay. We find him like this all the time haha
At the airport from Alaska to Florida


Check out a previous post here when we took him for a walk in Alaska!

10 thoughts on “The Many Wonders of Mick the Cat

  1. Your cat is so agile and healthy for his age, and you seem able to travel with him with such ease. I adore and love cats and dogs. Thank you so much for sharing. I love reading your blogs.


  2. Oh my! He is so cute!! Love that cub 😉 My baby Marius was a wild alley cat a couple years ago, now he is a sweet, little cuddler. He walks like a miniature tiger and catches huge moles (and birds 😦 ) all the time! I just love cats and dogs ❤


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