Traveling by a Float Plane

Today is unfortunately my last day in Alaska, this time tomorrow I’ll be back home in Florida!
But first we had to get out of our secluded little town, and the only way to do that is by boat or float plane. This time we opted for the float plane!
Float planes are fun and different but not when it’s windy and you experience turbulence the whole time. :/
Any day but today would have been a perfect day for a float plane, but we were not that lucky with the weather. Anyways, I snapped a few photos in the plane while trying not to get sick. Ha 🙂20140728-151343-54823795.jpg



As you can see the weather was not the best. But the past couple weeks have been amazing! Can’t wait till next year


4 thoughts on “Traveling by a Float Plane

  1. Glad you had a fun trip! I’m sure the float plane was scary with all of the turbulence, but still a neat adventure!


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