Alaska Tides: High vs. Low

If you did not know, Alaska has extreme high and low tides which alternate every 6 hours. I am always amazed at how fast the water moves, you can literally watch the water as it rushes to fill in.

The tides can have as much as a 19 foot difference some times of the year.

When living in Alaska, especially rural Alaska, you learn the live by the tides. Your whole day depends on when the tide is coming in or going out.

I took some images to show the difference of high and low tides. I did not get the tides when they were exactly at the lowest part or highest part. So the tide can be much more severe then shown.

But you will get the general idea.



Low Tide: view 1


High tide: view 1


Low tide: view 2


High tide: view 2


Low tide: view 3


High tide: view 3

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