Taking Our Cat for a Walk in Alaska

Today was yet another beautiful day out, therefore we decided it was time to take our 10 year old, 27 pound maine coon mix out for a walk. cat8cat

It takes him a little while to get going and he can not go too far without getting exhausted. But he is too funny when we take him on walks. He usually walks a ways behind us checking every little thing and stopping at the sound of a branch cracking. But once  we get too far away from him he begins to howl until he feels like we are a safe distance from him. I wanted to get close to him when he was howling, so I hid behind a tree as he walked by, calling out to my parents who were too far away for his comfort.



He did not want to go any further then this spot and let us know by laying down not moving a budge

He was exhausted when we got back to the house

He was exhausted when we got back to the house


  1. andi2222

    He is beautiful! He doesn’t try to run away?


    • Aroon Melane

      Not at all! I carry him a little ways at the beginning, just so he is not so tempted to run back home. But once we put him on the trail he sticks with us the whole way. And when he gets too far away he will howl, like in the video! hahah. He thinks he is a human

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